Epiroc T40

To get the best fragmentation of rock depends on the accuracy of the drill holes been drilled for the shot and this can be a challenging task for some. Drilltek's drillers are all trained and have plenty of experience in a number of drilling techniques that need to be applied to a number of different ground conditions depending on the site. This training and experience enables Drilltek to produce very accurate drilled patterns and have all hole's ALWAYS standing and able to be loaded. Drilltek also log all hole's they drill and provide very accurate feedback to the blast crew  for shot planning/loading.


      Production Drilling

  • Rockbolt Drilling

  • Grout Drilling

  • Technical Drilling

  • Pre-split/Line Drilling

  • Exploratory Drilling

  • Environmental Drilling




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Drilltek understand the critical importance of getting it right the first time. A good blast design is critical and a fundamental to economic production. This fundamentally means that the drill holes need to be drilled in the right place, right depth, right angle and are not blocked so every hole can be loaded.

Drilltek has strong relationships directly with the major explosive suppliers such as Orica and Maxam in Queensland and uses either for any blasting projects.


       Quarry Blasting

  • Construction/Civil Blasting

  • Trenching

  • Rock Poping

  • Blast Design and Mark up

  • Rock on Ground Service